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Thank you for choosing Superior Well Drilling.  You have made an excellent choice!

My name is Sam Hart and I am the Owner.  I started well drilling 20 years ago with a trailer mounted rig.  Today, the company has grown through strategic partnerships and operates three (3) drilling rigs and two pump crews.  Together, we bring over 50 years of industry experience to the southern California region.  We were here in the good times, survived the bad times and are now positioning to be stronger than even in the time to come.

I live in Lucerne Valley which means I can give you superior service from start to finish.  In a small town like Lucerne Valley, a personal reputation means everything.  We have one grocery store and one stop sign.  Chances are, we will cross paths again - so when I see you again, my goal is to hear that your system is still running strong. 

For additional information, please visit:

Feel free to call or text me at (760) 780-2144 Direct Cell

With recent SUPER HIGH demand, my voicemail may be full.

Text message may bring a faster response.

We Understand

The American Dream is still alive.  We have partnered with several of the greatest construction lending institutions to help you bridge the gap between the resources you have in hand and the resources you need.  We get it.  Water Wells are expensive and we are here to help.  

We Collaborate

Superior Well Drilling was created out a collective vision of several old- time drillers that saw a need for change.  Formerly head to head competition, we elected to combine our companies and position  ourselves as an industry leader bringing strategic financing to our industry.  We have multiple rigs so breakdowns do not hinder our calendar.  We have multiple crews so each member can focus on their core competence. 

 We Deliver

Results matter.  As a team, we have drilled more financed wells for more clients than any company on the region.  We are large enough to finance wells up to $40,000.  Our team members have over 100 years combined experience in water well drilling and property development.  Our results-oriented focus get your project completed professionally and on time.  


"Sam and his team qualified me for a $40,000 grant.  No other company even told me about the option.  I am super happy with Superior Well Drilling."

John McCluskie - Lucerne Valley Resident

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